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Brookwood Memorial Halls
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Subject to no Covid protective restrictions being reintroduced -

Car Park - Capacity circa 30 cars, well lit. Separate car and pedestrian gates. Pedestrian path marked at side of driveway, well lit by lamppost. Disabled parking bay closest to Halls entrances. Car park shared with other Hirers.

Heating - Gas central heating throughout, Nest thermostats are wall mounted in each Hall and in the Committee Room, and are manually adjustable for comfort heating by hirers.

Memorial Hall -
Approach - Up gentle concrete slope, handrail, well lit.

Entrance door - Press button in and out, electrical with safety sensors, hold open facility, wide 2/3 opening enabling double buggy and wide wheelchair entry, additional leaf opening manually.

Entrance lobby - doors off to toilets, Kitchen, inner passageway to Committee Room/Stage, and main Hall.

Interior doors - Wide double doors opening outward from Hall into Entrance Lobby, auto closure, manual hold open latches. Foot opening plates fitted for touch-free pull opening.

Main Hall - 16.4m x 7.9m  (54ft x 26ft) with hatch to kitchen.  Wood block floor, badminton court lines,  curtained windows. Heating thermostat manually adjustable for comfort heating. Well ventilated via windows on both sides.  Ceiling lighting in 8  diffused flush panels, switchable in 4 rows. Uplighters, dimmable. Suspended party lights (by arrangement). WiFi free and strong (limited bandwidth).

Licensed for entertainment and performances, and for PRS/PPL reproduction of music. Alcohol licensing by event (Hirer arranges with Lettings Agent permission from local Council). We do not host teenage parties.

Rear Exit doors - From Hall to rear Terrace - wide double interior doors push-opening outward to wide exit passageway, auto closure, manual hold open latches.  Foot opening plates fitted for touch-free pull opening on return to Hall.  Wide rear exit passageway - wide doors off to disabled toilet and to storeroom.  Final exit wide double doors - push bar to open, manual hold open latches outside. Step free access to lit concrete pathway to front of Hall, and onto grassed Rear Terrace

Seating capacity - 120 Formal Functions (around tables) or 220 in rows for entertainment events

Toilets - Male and female, either side of entrance lobby. Single push-open doors fitted with foot opening plates for touch-free pull opening on return.
Toilet for disabled - off the rear exit passageway with emergency call light on pull switch.

Store room - off rear exit passageway, holds 120 black vinyl upholstered (back and seat) folding chairs on 3 trolleys, and 10 large (8-seater) tables and 8 small (4-seater) tables on trolley, and badminton net stands.  Chairs have locking brackets for fixed row placement. Additional trolley with chairs in Committee Room.  Additional vinyl upholstered folding seating by arrangement.

Stage - 7.9m wide x 5.5m deep. Accessed from interior passageway up a short flight of wooden steps.  Front curtains operated by single hand winch in wings. Fixed side curtains allowing perimeter passage. Rear full width opening curtain on slide track. Several hung backdrops available for painting (by prior arrangement). Please check suitability of any staging. Scaffold tower and ladders available by arrangement. Wooden steps between Stage front and Hall front available.

Stage Lighting - 3x LED floods, 3x LED fluorescents, 4x spots, 3x wash floods. Switched 24-channel  (15A sockets) 60A Total, labelled switch panel in wings. 4 x prompt lights in wings.

Stage electrics - Full 13A ringmain with several RCD protected 13a twin sockets. 2x 32A Ceeform sockets.  

Audio - Music and speech system – 3x 15” speakers, each 150w RMS/300w Peak. Inputs via Bluetooth, SD card, USB stick, earphone in, XLR or jack sockets in. Wired XLR microphone (available on request).
PA system with 6 voice-quality speakers in Hall, 2x handheld wireless microphones on 1x handleld plus 1x headset/tiepin microphone(available on request)., auxiliary input via XLR or earphone or jack sockets in.
Induction Loop amplifier with wired microphone (separate from other systems, available on request).

Video - coax cabling in place, from Hall high spotlight bracket facing front of Stage, to Committee Room. Can be used to monitor Stage performances from Dressing Room (Hirer provides video camera and monitor)

Piano - on stage, available by prior arrangement

Kitchen - off  the entrance lobby with standard single door push-open entrance. 3.9m x 3.1m  Electric fan/conventional range cooker with ceramic hob, commercial microwave, fridge/freezer (263l/58l) Water Boiler (19 minutes warmup for 9 litres, then 45 litres/300 cups per hour), kettle, urn also available on request. Doored servery hatch to Hall. Bright 2x LED ceiling fluorescents, cooker downlights and 3x under pelmet lighting.  Double sink with drainers. No separate handwashing sink. Laminate worksurfaces. 3x double 13A sockets on RCD protected circuit. Food preparation hygeine certified 5/5 by local Council.

Crockery and cutlery - 120 place settings, 60 tea settings, available on request

Committee Room - Can be hired  separately from the main Hall, with mutual agreement and subject to safeguarding restrictions. Shared access with main Hall hirers to toilets and kitchen. Can be hired with main Hall to ensure exclusive premises hire.  Regular users include local organisation committee meetings, whist group, discussion groups, baby play group.

Approach - from interior passageway off Entrance Lobby, through two narrow swing doors with foot plates for touchfree opening.

Entrance doors - The two Rooms have separate single entrance push to open doors from the passageway,  which also has steps leading up to the Stage. The inner passageway is lit.

Rooms  - Committee 1: 4.8m x 3.25m      Committee 2: 3.6m x 2.7m   Can be curtain partitioned to form two Dressing Rooms. Both have separately switched ceiling fluorescent lighting and curtained windows.  Grey carpet tiled.  13A RCD circuit protected electricity sockets in each Room.  Nest thermostat wall mounted in Room 1 for manual control of comfort temperature heating. Coax cable in place from main Hall to Room 1 enables video monitoring of stage performances (Hirer provides video camera and monitor). WiFi free and strong (limited bandwidth).

Seating - Committee Room is open plan offering a variety of configurations, ample small folding tables, 10 upholstered wooden chairs with arms.  Audience of 15 can be seated in rows, vinyl upholstered folding chairs in trolley are kept in the Rooms, together with several 4-seater folding tables.

Community Hall -
Not available for evening adult or noisy parties due to proximity of neighbouring residences. Shared use of car park.

Approach - Level step-free access from lit car park.

Entrance door - Manual,  wide pull opening suitable for double buggies/wheelchairs, Hold Open setting. Manual additional leaf opening. Well lit.

Entrance lobby - with single doors off right and left to separate Ladies and Gents toilets. Not designed for disabled access - Disabled toilet in Memorial Hall may be available (subject to other hires). Two wide doors to Hall, manual pull open with foot plate for no-touch opening, hold open setting.

Hall - 14.4m x 7.2m  Linoleum floor, bright and airy, ceiling fluorescent lighting in twp separately switched rows, additional switched row above counter at far end. Windows around both sides with lightweight curtains.  13A RCD protected circuit electricity sockets on each wall. Two double emergency push to exit doors either side. Two single pull to open doors to Kitchenette and to Store, each with foot plates for no-touch opening.  WiFi free throughout (limited bandwidth)

Audio - Music and speech system – 2x 8” wall mounted speakers, each 120w RMS/200w Peak. Input via Bluetooth, SD card, USB stick, earphone in, XLR or jack sockets in.  Wired microphone or wireless hand or tiepin microphone (available on request).
Induction Loop amplifier with wired microphone (separate system, available on request)

Seating capacity - 60 seated in rows, red vinyl upholstered (back and seat) folding chairs in 3 trolleys.  5 Large (8-seater) and 10 Small (4-seater) tables in Storeroom. Additional tables by arangement.

Kitchenette - Single sink and drainer, instant hot and cold water, water boiler (12 minute warmup for 3 litres, then 28 litres/168 cups per hour)  kettle, urn.  60 Tea settings (available on request).

More questions?    Like to look around?   Ask Colin 07757 969231    lettings@bmhalls.org.uk  

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