The Management Committee is elected annually at an General Meeting open to qualifying residents of Brookwood. The Halls are well managed to a high standard complying with all relevant regulations and guidance, under a formal written Constitution.  As a Registered Charity, we fall under supervision of the Charities Commission and associated legislation.


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Annual Report 2017 (pdf)

Annual Financial Statement 2017 (pdf)

Financial Statement Certification 2017 (pdf)

Premises Licence

Insurance Certificate  (pdf)

Child Protection Policy (pdf)

Health & Safety Policy (pdf)

Food Hygiene Certificate (pdf)

Music License PRS & PPL (pdf)

Management Statement Anti Modern Slavery and Financial Crime (pdf)


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The Management Committee comprises -

John Thornton, Chairman

Jean Gable, Secretary

Andrew Male, Treasurer

Colin Greenwood, Lettings Agent

Mary Cook, Womens Institute representative

Peter Goold, Scouts Group representative

Louise Norris, Village representative

Tony Gray, Village representative

Jagwiga Grimshaw, Brookwood Art Group representative